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Enthusiasts, Collectors and Promoters of the BEST TOYS & GAMES BRAND in Singapore. 
We carry more than 90% of the different brands available in the world, importing them to Singapore, and thus are able to provide superior service and support for our customers.f

Also available are the Exclusives and Hard To Find Items which are not readily available locally. These include NEW SET RELEASES that are not yet released in Singapore. They are newly launched in the USA or EUROPE and we got our overseas distributor to urgently ship them to us as soon as they become available.

Toy Station is our parent store carrying various brands of toys and collectibles. We are forever expanding and constantly updating our online catalog although LEGO will still remain our main focus for this online store.

We provide shipping services locally as well as to our neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Australi, etc. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to email or call us to find out if we ship to your country.

Toy Brick Station, Toy Station’s official website, is managed by a dedicated team. Although we promise you that our website carries a variety of items in quantities, sometimes we tend to overlook our stock allocation and we may not have certain items in stock. We apologise for these human errors in advance. Also, we obtain our merchandise through the local distributor or directly from the States and ship them straight to our logistic spaces within the shortest time frame possible. Hence Customers like yourself will realize the amazing speed and unbeatable pricing we offer to YOU! So come on down now or purchase through our website! We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed! 🙂 

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