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Attention Retailers, Dealers, and Merchants!!

Toy Station opens up a whole new world of unique and hard-to-find products for your business. You’ll have an easy, one-stop-shopping experience when you open a wholesale account with us. With hundreds of action figures, toys, gifts, and collectibles and more to choose from, we can help you grow your business almost immediately! We can guarantee an ultimate Unique Selling Point (USP) for your products as the products we distribute are direct from the U.S or Europe! You do not have to worry about major departmental stores throwing sales or discounts that would affect your every day business!

Why Choose Toy Station to Be Your Exclusive Partner?

Since the 1980s, Toy Station has been a leading distributor and retailer in the toy and hobby gaming industries, serving both national and international customers.We work with almost 200 publishers and manufacturers all over the world to offer a wide array of items from the classics through hottest new releases. Our tremendous growth over the years is a result of passion for our products and commitment to build effective partnerships with retailers and publishers/manufacturers. Our staff continually strives to provide the top customer service in the industry. And that’s why my friends and future partners, you should always think of Toy Station as your primary source for products!

What are the Terms/Conditions & Privilleges?

Terms includes :

  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Re-Seller Discount Margins of up to 40% off the Regular Retail Price
  • Exclusive Product
  • Outstanding Customer Service & Support



Some manufacturers/publishers impose restrictions on what type of retail operations may sell their products to consumers. 

Proof of qualification to purchase restricted products may include, but is not limited to: pictures of the retail facility, copies of business licenses & tax identification numbers.

Restricted product may not be purchased by retail operations whose sole or primary method of sales is online/internet based.

*Other criteria may apply based upon the sales policy of individual manufacturers/publishers. Please contact us for more information regarding specific a manufacturer/publisher.

Due to exclusivity restrictions, some product lines may or may not be supplied to business locations outside of Singapore. (LEGO IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR WHOLESALE OPPORTUNITIES!)

Do not hesitate to email for a business and trade oppurtunity with Toy Station at sales@toybrickstation.com or brickstation@hotmail.sg or toylink@hotmail.com

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